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tv   Headline News  RT  June 25, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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this book. has indeed landed in moscow he came as a transit passenger and remains in the transit zone. russia's president puts the world out of suspense revealing the n.s.a. whistleblower is still in moscow and that his arrival surprised the authorities here as much as anyone. to washington accuse moscow of hiding snowden and demanded his extradition despite the fact he hasn't even officially crossed the country's border. presidential palaces rocked by. taliban fighters attack just a week after the u.s. handed over security to afghanistan's government i denounced peace talks.
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international news and comment live from our studio center here in moscow this is twenty four hours a day president putin has revealed that n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden is still in transit at a moscow airport that means he's never officially crossed russia's borders since arriving on sunday it follows a wild goose chase by the media which ended up with a plane load of journalists flying all the way to cuba on a flight that snowden never even boarded this is the latest now from dubai and what say is outside moscow's airport. at the moment do we know what the president has officially said that snowden did in fact arrive at a moscow airport and he's in the transit zone here at the moscow airport he has not left the airport onto russian soil hands or the authorities can do nothing at this point the president also went on to compare the whole situation all the trust me if
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you can between snowden the media intelligence agencies and the humorous way in fact this is what he had to say listen to this. snowden's case is similar to that of julian a song which both called themselves defenders of human rights and fought for the freedom of information you have to ask yourself do such people need to be hunted down and put in prison i personally would like to avoid cases like this it's like sharing a pig lots of shrieking but little for. now there's been a strong rhetoric coming from washington saying that a russia should hand him over snowden if he is indeed in moscow of course most is that snowden is not on russian soil hence the day they hands are tied they are not in contact with him early on also the u.s. state department released a statement saying that that russia should cooperate with them and they hope that they will cooperate citing snowden it needs to be brought to them as there are
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grounds for his extradition now the u.s. has gone as far as accusing russia russia has said no this is not true we're still here at the airport with so much speculation around to this case we're talking to those who are in the inside trying to see find out if anyone has indeed has seen snowden in that transit zone lots of just lot of speculations running around but we're still years looking to find out where he indeed is snowden anyway is his next move one thing that i have gathered during my time out here is that the next flight out of moscow to cuba is on a thursday so will he be bound on that plane well we don't know we'll have to wait and see. to buy more than u.k. human rights activists peta touch will whisper to him a little earlier he says the chase for snowden is a perfect illustration of the double standards employed by the u.s. . this is rogue spying by
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a rogue state i mean if it was edward snowden had been an iranian whistleblower who exposed global snooping by the terran regime i think he would have been hailed by the united states as a horrific whistleblower he would have been lauded and pray i think the united states has incredible double standards it is pursuing a man who is motivated not by hatred of his country not by any financial gain he's not out to aid any enemy country he is motivated by idealism and a belief in the human rights that we all have a right to privacy we know that for nine months bradley manning was held in a u.s. military prison under conditions that contravened the united nations convention against torture there amounted to cruel inhuman and degrading treatment. i would suspect that a similar abuse would face edward snowden if he was apprehended. well the fact that
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snowden managed to trick a whole load of journalists into getting on a plane to cuba without him on board has got many people wondering exactly how he's managed to do this and also how he's so far escape the clutches of u.s. authorities we know exactly where he is right now but that still hasn't stopped people coming up with many theories for example the new york times for one has published an article alleging that it was all a show put on by russia's security services the k.g.b. starr operation was intended to cover snowden's track plus there's the sheer comedy value of sending dozens of foreign journalists to the caribbean on a flight that wasn't serving alcohol twitter is also joining in the speculation at the moment here are some of the tweets we've gathered for you what is snowden never existed at all well and certainly explain why he's nowhere to be found why he made be off to cuba but not exactly on board an aeroflot flight to have been in fact heading to
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a certain the tories bay on the caribbean island and some of the theories are just a little more sinister than that suggesting he has already met his fate and nobody will ever find him and also the best selling american author and activist no reward she lays out why she thinks that he might actually be a u.s. government double agent his leaks and escape plan been far too neat she says in his disappearing acts far too spectacular besides she thinks that snowden's girlfriend is just a little bit too sexy for it not to be an attention grabbing hoax all this she believes illustrates how u.s. intelligence is behind every move lots of speculation and different opinions on social media at the moment while washington's angry reaction to snowden's departure from hong kong has caused resentment in china and the foreign ministry said that accusations and criticism work baseless because r.t. is going to check on reports america isn't happy with the explanations. the white
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house says hong kong officials had received washington's with quest to arrest no then and still made quote a deliberate choice to let him go so washington clearly takes it as a snub from china here's the president's press secretary we are just not buying that this was a technical decision by a hong kong immigration official this was a deliberate choice by the government to release a fugitive despite a valid arrest warrant and that decision unquestionably has a negative impact on the u.s. china relationship we were never there in response to the u.s. request to arrest noted in the government of hong kong issued a statement saying that the documents the u.s. provided did not fully comply with the legal requirements on the hong kong law but also in that same statement the government of hong kong said they wanted more information from the u.s. government about the hacking of computer systems in hong kong by u.s. government agencies and that was one of edward snowden's revelations snowden gave china a great political counterargument to u.s. constant accusations against china now the u.s. can't accuse china of cyber attacks without being accused of hypocrisy so there is
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an interesting dynamic behind all this the u.s. one and china where the semi autonomy is a government of hong kong to give them the man who had leaked u.s. secrets but one of those secrets is about activities of the u.s. government against china so it's possible that china's dilemma was to either think edward snowden or to arrest hong kong says they've done everything in accordance with their own laws now as far as russia edward snowden has been in transit in russia and russian authorities say they have no legal authority to arrest him but u.s. politicians and pundits on television use what seems like a cold war rhetoric to present. the enemies that snowden is helping and the imagination of some german is running. wild as they joke about how edward snowden is being briefed by the russian president in one form of social also one of the new shell said russia and china are going to use this to embarrass the u.s. one should argue it's known as revelation. that embarrass the u.s.
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not russia or china but that's exactly what's happening now u.s. policymakers are doing everything possible to divert attention away from snowden's revelations and certainly one of the one way of doing this is to present it as a cold war style. chase that way you have u.s. media now almost cheering for edward snowden is capture although just a little while ago some of the same journalists were grateful for a grade for a greater public awareness of the fact that the u.s. government is spying on millions of people who have done nothing wrong and of course has no illusions as to what lengths the u.s. government will go to catch him edward snowden also said it's not the government persecution that he fears most he said the greatest fear that i have about the outcome of these disclosures is that nothing will change from how it's developing it doesn't look like things will change for americans anytime soon but for the world be implications of his revelations could be significant for example the fact that the u.s. now can't accuse china of cyber attacks without being accused of hypocrisy. that
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europe plots he's a founding member of the buddha embraced cryptocurrency consulting group you think is the only way to avoid being spied on is to avoid popular internet and phone services. so valence is a weapon deployed by a government against their biggest enemy which the people. now the weapon surveillance just like many other weapons unfolds its most power by murli letting people know that one has that weapon by tier rooms i mean what is the nice up of what use is the nice a surveillance state to a government if the people don't know it so therefore i think the biggest benefit out of this week is going to the united states government and you know people should demand their governments be transparent and demand their private lives being anonymous not to use centralized services that are forced by governments to
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cooperate with the governments if they want to make their business big so a whistle blows heroes criminals or both should their motives be questioned be molten and t.v. legend larry king james some tricky questions in breaking the set the full program is on. the move but here is a quick preview for you. that's question mr snowden was emotive. but that's taken away from what was you know more thoughtful but he had a motive didn't eat enough his motive was out to wish to be flee. because he doesn't want to face the same fate as bradley manning he doesn't want to face fate therefore he wouldn't stand up for what he stood for right yes see in other words we did want to say to what i try to do in asking questions is i do the best i can over my career and ask the best questions i could pose to the best answer and
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hopefully be audience make up their own mind how do you see this kind of attack on journalism ever before or do you see that this is the worst it's been terms of crackdown of whistleblowers of the obama administration etc i mean whistle blows are fired i never i never heard of a correct almost or right now. you know all this well he's already charged the third is the eighth person in charge of the espionage act the world war one piece of what if you insure against the wall but isn't the government breaking the law i don't know so do you think that and are they now do you think obama's going along absolutely they want to teach absolutely so then you're not you're a journalist with an opinion. of course. if you've ever seen anything like this. and you can see that exchange in full right now delegate dot com stay with us. with
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more analysis all the recent taliban's attack on afghanistan's presidential palace that will be the break. speak your language. at the end of. the program some documentary some spanish
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matters to you breaking news a little turn it into angles kid stories. here. the spanish find out more visit i to allahabad. these continues here naughty taliban fighters of a tech security forces near the presidential palace and couple hours before president karzai was to hold a news conference that it comes as the u.s. helps afghanistan pursue peace talks with the insurgent group which is refusing to renounce violence joining us courtney body is in kabul for us. the scene lasted just over an hour and well no civilian casualties have been reported and the afghan forces did manage to get the attack under control relatively quickly the fact that
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it did happen at the presidential palace they used id cards and vehicle id cards. are what the nato and i saw forces use reportedly and the fact that they were even able to breach that gate what i saw from the outside of the gate it's more of a blast wall around the green zone area as they were dry and holes in the concrete walls and in the entire gate was destroyed apparently one vehicle was able to get inside and then one was stopped at the gate and then that's when the attack began it would seem as especially considering this attack happened right when the peace talks are being negotiated and with the taliban and then the attack happened on the presidential palace it would not seem possible that the afghan side could continue forward with the peace talks when they're being attacked not even just on their own soil but right in there in their presidential palace. u.s.
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efforts to bring the taliban to the negotiating table have to get more and all these lindsay from slicks who currently has the upper hand in afghanistan. the taliban appears to be seizing on these seismic changes happening in afghanistan seeking out power vacuums where ever they appear it's now crossing the divide between legitimate political force and violent insurgent group the taliban now has an office in qatar giving it a base for its political ambitions that may include a run for the presidency next year when hammad karzai steps down it's also been given a boost by america's readiness to open peace talks with an enemy it's been fighting for more than a decade and with the withdrawal of u.s. troops and the handover of security to afghan forces it has also opened up a window of opportunity taliban fighters have launched a wave of attacks across the country aiming to destabilize and undermine the weak
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authorities nineteen people have been killed since the handover of security their latest target today was at the very heart of the government it was at the presidential palace in kabul daoud sultanzoy a political analyst and former afghan m.p. told us it's the exhaustion of u.s. led forces that allows the taliban to launch assaults like this this was probably one of the most strategic penetration. to send a signal to the afghan government that while they're opening an office in qatar they are also continuing their military assault on a very important targets i think. this is the result of. water for tea by foreign forces as that of a role did gets closer you will see more aggressive behavior from the olive on so this is this is going to escalate not to decline in my opinion so many are left wondering what the point was for america to fight for over
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a decade then negotiate with an enemy that seems as willing and able as ever to use violence and as likely as anyone to regain the presidency. well now we've got more for you online including a big bank scam uncovered we report on how top financial institutions have pushed politicians into handing out billions of euros to avoid a bank in two thousand and eight and there's no hint of it being paid more than that including leaked tapes of private conversations between bank tycoons. dot com . plus for the past catches up germany opens an investigation into a nazi s.s. c'mon that he's been living in the u.s. for more than sixty years after reportedly sneaking into the country by claiming he never fought in the second world.
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a new credit rating agencies launched today in hong kong threatening the dominance of the so-called big three western firms standard and poor's moody's and fitch were accused of contributing to the global financial crisis but. she tells us now how their role may have been even more sinister than previously thought. the big three have had their own way for over one hundred years but were ridiculed for not just failing to see the financial crash coming but making the situation worse by dishing out optimistic ratings for toxic mortgage backed investments and giving investors the confidence to pile it up until now accusations they knew exactly what they were doing which is that accusations but now it appears there might be some proof that the agencies were deliberately fooling investors rolling stone magazine has published details from a san diego based law appeared to show the moody's and s.
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and p. have been exchanging high ratings for cash according to the article e-mails have been found from s. and p. alice with with comments like this has to be the stupidest place i've watched it out as you know i had difficulties explaining how we got those numbers since there is no science behind it these allegations are quite frightening considering the rating agencies put their rubber stamp on multi billion dollar deals are still seen by many in the financial world as the backbone of the credit body i'll turn it into these agencies is not before time to secure universal credit rating group which says it intends to reform the current regime the company based in hong kong will be made up of china's doggone u.s. agency jones and russia's reason writing on the head of research says it's all about balance the new agency that is based in hong kong it is so that we can
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provide to the investment world. views that can be used to balance the investment views for the united states so the dominating days of the big three could be over and it may now be there to get downgraded. i mean there now are some other stories making headlines around the world at this stage the date to turkey first and hundreds of protesters have marched from istanbul central square which is surrounded and blocked off by police cordons the rally started after a court free to security officer who was accused of killing an activist during recent government protests at least four people including one policeman were killed during nationwide demonstrations which started last month. brazil's president has proposed a referendum on widespread political reform and pledged to spend twenty three billion dollars on public transport to try to placate those involved the massive
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protests across the country despite our efforts the free transit activist group has launched more demonstrations on the scene to continue until all the demands are met . the french police have detained six people suspected of planning assassinations across the country they're believed to be a part of a radical islamist terrorist cell according to authorities the group consisting of four french nationals and men from ben in may have also been involved in an armed bank robbery is on high alert for potential terror attacks since its operation in mali against al qaeda linked militants. also the world update that the lebanese army has seized a complex in the southern part of the country which is controlled by hardline sunni militants around sixteen soldiers have been killed in two days of clashes with the followers of a maverick cleric who also supports anti-government rebels in syria the fighting is being seen as a test of the weak government's ability to contain anger unleashed by the civil war in neighboring syria. water is becoming
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a rare commodity for palestinians taps in the homes of arab villages in the west bank run dry much of the time and not only is israel not listening it's blaming the palestinians themselves or to reports. the taps in hamad mohammed's home are there more as a sign of hope there's been no water through them for five long months but in the the municipality does not give us water as these should water it comes through our pipes twice a year any minute immediately an hour's drive north and or did start another day in the office the mayor of the fact settlement has lots on his mind but not a lack of water we have one big water tank with supplies water also to both the arab villages which are on the other side of the security fence where basically they get their water supply from the water tank of the front more than three hundred thousand palestinians across the west bank are not connected to water
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network according to palestinian human rights groups israeli officials say the number is less than half that since the one nine hundred sixty seven occupation or water resources are exclusively in his radio hands but a joint group established back in one nine hundred eighty three to ensure supplies has left the palestinians short changed here israel has repeatedly made as a condition for its approval of palestinian project that the palestinian authority approve new wells and pipelines for israeli settlements the palestinian authority mainly because it's desperate for water for its population has approved virtually every one of the israeli settlement projects the palestinians weren't left behind. the european community wanted to invest their money that the palestinian authority will have such systems like we have in
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a fraud or like we have in the whole of israel unfortunately what happened their money was taken or misused and basically found it self in private bank accounts by the leaders of the palestinian authority despite repeated requests these radio water authority declined to talk to r t its website says israel has not only fulfilled its obligations to provide water to palestinians but exceeded them it accuses palestinians of breaching the agreement by drilling unauthorized wells failing to create a sewerage and of not developing any new resources. the fact of the matter is that a shortage of water is not a problem for israelis whereas it's a daily struggle for tens of thousands of palestinians something that's a little difficult to swallow. especially for the hundred thousand people living here in the west bank's biggest palestinian city who rely on this man it's his job to direct what little water there is to a different neighborhood each day we see baby two thousand cubic me that have been
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a day. that means that we we need seven thousand to give people. a little bit of giving them and twenty people my comment and his wife have the water pipes to the home opened the rest of the time they use a well bringing up what little water they can. and i'm clean to wash drink and survive politically on t.v. in the west bank. just ten twenty six minutes past the hour in the russian capital i'll be back with a news team with more in just a half an hour in the meantime we have the latest edition of money program the kaiser pull off to the short break.
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anyone who lives in the u.s. knows that the i.r.s. does not play around one honest or dishonest mistake could get you in a lot of trouble even a longtime friend of mine got his entire life savings destroyed due to some simple honest error you think that workers in an organization that could punish you for your financial failings would be very sharp with their own money but that's sadly not the case according to an audit report from the treasury inspector general for tax administration at the very least one thousand iris employees have abused the charge cards they were issued to cover their official travel expenses some of these people are very high on the ladder including an executive level official a criminal investigator and multiple ploys with security clearances much of the abuses related to employees writing checks for the. purchases which later balanced due to accounts being empty yeah the people who could ruin your life for one little financial folly seem to have no problem over drawing while they are living it up on taxpayer funded travel to keep things in perspective the iris is
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a huge organization so one thousand abusers is a minority but in the spirit of fairness i think these card abusers should be punished just as harshly as normal people who run afoul of the i.r.s. fascist my opinion. welcome to the as the report imax kaiser riots broke out in china after students were prevented from cheating on university entrance exams parents storms the school
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shouting we want fairness there is no fairness if you do not let us cheat yes this is the taxation without representation of our day there is no fairness if you do not let us cheat let us rob grannies of their savings let us defraud municipalities across the world let us rig lobel interest rates let us masel interest rate swaps to small businesses and miscible organizations back securities and pension funds there is no fairness if you do not let us face it as nice this is part of the global insurrection against banks or occupation but while most in the west around the world are demanding that we punish the banks to us for their crimes here they saying let us commit crimes as well riot after chinese teachers try to stop pupils cheating what should have been a hushed scene of eight hundred chinese students diligently setting their university entrance exams are up to date to see why.